Frequently Asked Questions

What is YT Remote?

YT Remote is a web app designed to remotely control YouTube videos from your smartphone or tablet while playing in full-screen mode on your computer or Smart TV. The aim of this software tool is to help you find, watch and control your favorite YouTube content remotely using its search engine and YT remote video player managed from a mobile device.

  • Log in to the device that you should use as a remote control (mobile, tablet, iPad, computer) and click THIS LINK
  • Log in to another device that you should watch the videos on (computer, Smart TV) and click THIS LINK

Does YT Remote require installation and how much memory and disk space does it occupy?

YT Remote is run as a web site from any web browser, it requires no installation and occupies no predefined memory or disk space. The clients do not have to worry about whether the app will take too much space and or they will have to remove another app in order to use this one. Everything is managed from a web browser, which is preinstalled as such on your phone, computer and TV.

Which operating systems is YT Remote able to function in?

There are no boundaries. YT Remote works in all web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera...), all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux...) and on all devices (PC, Macintosh, smartphones, tablets...). The main idea is that YouTube videos should be selected and managed from a smartphone as small as a a hand-held device that enables remote control, and that the videos are shown on larger screens, such as that of a Smart TV or computer. One can also play videos on a computer and watch them on smaller screens of a smartphone or tablet, if ever needed.

Do we need cables and adapters to connect our mobile device to the PC or TV?

No. This remote control is fully wireless and requires no additional cables or adapters. YT Remote will give you more control over the remote device than casting an Android or iPhone screen could give.

What are the prerequisites for using the YT Remote?

For security reasons, the device from which you are searching YouTube videos (for example, a phone or tablet) must be connected to the same (WiFi) network as the device where the video is displayed (eg Smart TV), that is, they must share the same IP address as being connected to the same router. Make sure that when you watch a video on your computer or Smart TV it is always to be the active page, because it is the only way for YT player to control the videos remotely. If you leave and play a video on YouTube, you need to go back to in order to manage the next selected video. We highly recommend that you add our free extension to Google Chrome so as to switch web pages remotely without leaving your chair. There are some app's features which can only be activated by adding our free extension to your Chrome browser.

How do we run and manage YT Remote?

The application includes a mobile and TV version. The TV version is meant for use on large screen devices like Smart TVs and computers, where videos are played. The mobile one is for smaller devices serving as remote controls, mainly smartphones and tablets. The device to show the videos on will start the page TV.PHP, as the "remote control" device starts the page for searching YouTube videos (SEARCH.PHP). After a second or two we will see the search results - every video is represented by its thumbnail and title. By clicking a thumbnail you will open a video in full-screen mode, and clicking a title will redirect you to watching it on YouTube. Depending on whether you only want to watch a video or want to see other content (say, comments), you will choose either of these two options.

Is it possible to create a YouTube video playlist?

Absolutely. Each of the offered search results can be inserted into the playlist, and also be removed from it. The great advantage of our app is that one can search new videos while watching the other ones, without interrupting anything or disturbing the full-screen mode.

How does YT Remote player work?

The YT Remote player is used only in case you click the video thumbnail in order to watch the video playing in full-screen mode on You cannot use it for watching the video on, because YT Remote cannot control watching videos on websites other than The available options are "play", "pause", "mute", "replay", "close", as well as "previous" and "next" video to watch, if a playlist has been created and started. Do note that we have intentionally omitted the "volume" setting for the reason that it does not work in all web browsers - for this purpose, a "normal" remote control must be used, which we believe is not a problem. Same goes for the "mute" feature, it won't work in all web browsers either, yet it's left as an option.

What are the main technical advantages of using YT Remote?

It is fairly easy to run and manage, it is efficient, available to use on all devices and in all browsers and requires just a minimum of prerequisites.

Are there any potential issues?

So far we have only faced one issue, but it's more related to the device displaying videos, like and Smart TVs, above all. Namely, if too many videos are played in a trail formation, it happens that the web browser "gets stuck", which then leads to a slowdown. If this is the case, you had better reset the browser and thus help it "recover". If you watch videos on your computer, you will face this problem just rarely, and if you do, you should delete images and files cached in your web browser. Clearing your web browser's cache is something that needs to be done from time to time anyway.

What is the advantage of being a Premium user?

If you are not registered as a YT Remote Premium user, you can play up to 3 videos only. The application therefore acts more like a demo. On the other hand, it marks no dividing lines for our Premium users. In order to become one, please pay a one-time fee of $4 (this way you will also support our work and effort), and then we will contact you back providing you with your username and password to use when sigining in. We believe that YT Remote will run flawlessly afterwards, and if any issue should yet arise, we'll be here to help.

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